Timegarden Carnival Cotton Candy

Dob30.06.2007 - 23.02.2017
Seize 29.5 cm, 5.2 kg (11.6 inch, 11.5 lbs)
Sire Full Monty Calvin Klein
DamCh Special Edition I am a Candy Girl


Viva is born the 30th of June 2007, my first litter ever. Viva immediately made an impression on me. I could not resist her open, friendly character. My first own bred female, a true hairless one.
Viva is living with my dear friend Wendy from kennel Full Monty. Viva has matured to this loving, sweet, everybodies-friend little girl.
Unfortunately she died in the age of 9,5. She will live in our hearts forever.

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