Pups Borre x Zazou

  • Joy
  • Prins
  • Malibu
  • Tiffy
  • Rutger
  • Coco
  • Velvet
All puppies of this litter have found a warm, loving home.
Timegarden Express Yourself
VarietyHairless Female
OwnerK. Marijnissen - Etten-Leur

Joy is such a Joy, so her name was choosen perfectly by her new owner. She thinks she is the funniest and is not afraid to tell you when she wants attention. Very outgoing and joyfull, that is how Joy is best decribed. Only being with her makes you smile.

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Timegarden Pure Thrill
VarietyHairless Male
OwnerFam. Martens - Overasselt

Prins (Wodka before) is a black and white true hairless male with super crest, socks and plume and a very outgoing character.
He likes everything and everyone and loves attention and playing around.
He is a real casanova and when you see him you fall in love at his lovely charater and charisma.

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Timegarden Seriously Easy Going
VarietyHairless Male
OwnerR. Alderliesten - Dordrecht

The pedigreename of Malibu fits him perfectly he is really "Seriously Easy Going". He likes everything and feels at home everywhere. He is just really easy to get along. He loves playing and getting crazy, and already has made so many new friends.

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Timegarden Mix it Up
VarietyHairless Female
OwnerJ. Ruckmann - Germany

Tiffy is a lovely crazy true hairless bitch. She has lots of energie and is into everything. A little tornado with superb personality. Later on she will be doing agility with her new owner, and I know already she is going to love it.

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Timegarden Make it a Double
VarietyHairless Male
OwnerFam. Wolterman - Beverwijk

Rutger is the smallest pup of all, and I expect that he will stay a small boy as an adult.
He really is the cutest thing ever, he is super social and sweet and is loves being petted. He also has his crazy moments, which always make me laugh. Together with his first owner he graduated with 4 months of age as best of his obedience class! Well done little one!

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Timegarden The Real Thing
VarietyPowderpuff Female
OwnerM. van de Kolk - Nunspeet

Coco was the sweetest little puppy ever, always satisfied.
The older she got, the more her funny and wild side came out.
But never naughty, always funny. She has a big place in my heart and i know for sure she will melt many hearts in her life.

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Timegarden Velvet Sensation
VarietyPowderpuff Male
OwnerFam. Kooistra, Bilthoven

Velvet was last of the litter and a complete surprise! This black and white, happy and active boy has found his new home where he already has a new friend "Timegarden Scrabble" waiting for him to play with. He is super smart and social, loves to learn and things. He can give lovely kisses and loves to be petted.

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